pittsburgh photographer takes 4th place in worldwide contest :)

Look at that humble brag title. I think that says it all. 🙂

I’m basically obsessed with Shoot & Share’s annual photo contest. This year, I decided to share my results!

Here’s some overall contest information:

332,768 photos were entered overall by more than 10,000 photographers.

Each photographer could enter up to 50 photos across 25 different portrait & wedding categories.

Here’s a look at how voting works (below). You’re given four images in one category, and  you simply click on your favorite one (I’m sure you’d all pick my handsome office manager, the chef!). A new screen presents with four other photos in one category, and you keep going. You see why I’m obsessed and addicted, right? It’s also kind of a fun game to try to find your own images, your friends images, and images that just inspire you!

Now, what you came here for: let me show you my results! After having a 44th place and a 60th place in last year’s contest, my personal goal for myself was to have two images place higher than 44th. I met that goal and then some! 🙂

(((Photographer’s Disclaimer: These images look out of focus/soft, but it’s only because they’re screenshots from the S&S website because I’m too lazy to pull the little trophy files and put them on the original files 🙂 I promise the original files are sharp! )))

Of course, I’m the most proud of this adorable photo of Finnegan. It took 4th Place out of 10,102 images in the Pets/Animals category.

Brad and Emily’s adorable flower girl placed 37th out of 6,395 images in the Details: All Dressed Up weddings category.

T Rex and his spilled milk placed 51st out of 4,317 images in the That Just Happened category.

I missed getting a fourth Top 100 image by just one, Benny and the butterfly placed 101st out of 10,102 in the Pets/Animals category.

Winston took 277th out of 10,102 in that same category, making this another “Finalist” image that lasted until the final round!

Coming in 429th out of 10,102 was Dakota, also a Finalist image!

An adorably melty Basset pup made the Top 10%, along with the following images!

Top 20% accolades were given to the following images:

Rounding out the top 30, we’ve got these ones!

I’m already putting images aside for next year’s contest, and I love the excitement that this brings to the off-season!

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