one of my favorite parts of being a small business owner is partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs! whether I'm photographing a boutique pet store and their best canine customers, or headshots for a veterinary office, i love the opportunity to work with other pet related businesses! even if you own a human-based business, dog photography is a great addition to any waiting room or office wall

make your business stand out.

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"working with charlene was an awesome experience, from start to finish. she was able to take my ideas and turn them into reality."

"i would recommend her to anyone!"

absolutely! we'll jump on the phone to talk about your business and your needs for photography, and we'll go from there to schedule what you need. every experience is custom, so just tell me what you have in mind!

can i book *only* headshots, or *only* facility photos, etc?

yes! reach out and let me know a bit about your business and your clientele. i may have images already that i can print and install for you, or i can gather models (or your actual customers!) for a brand new shoot with your products to create exactly what you need!

i want wall art but i don't know what to display. can you help?

whether you're looking for product photos, headshots, or facility images (or all of those!), i've got it covered! each project is custom to exactly what the client needs, so this is ultimately up to you. we'll schedule a call to discuss your goals, and you can choose half-day or full-day coverage to make it all happen!

what kind of commercial photography options do you have?

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question 08 : this is a question about boss lady photo studio?

We have a consultation before the session that allows us to get to know each other better. That way we can ease any nerves and get a better idea of your style.

question 07 : I'm nervous about my session. what do you suggest?

We are so glad you asked! We would LOVE for you to become one of our class representatives! Contact us for more information about the questionnaire. 

question 06 : how can i become a class representative?

Of course you can bring your friends! We actually offer group sessions that you and all your buds can do together if you're interested in that feel free to contact us about it!

question 05 : can i bring my friends with me to my session?

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whether you want wall art for your lobby or facility images and headshots for your website, we can work together to ensure you have the means to step up your game! your customers will know you better, trust you more, and your business will grow!

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